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Basic - Educator


No credit card required

  • No Credit Card Required
  • CaiT Bot on your Site
  • Control Panel Access
  • Conversation Notifications
  • Business Card Template
  • Automatic CaiT Updates
  • Community Support
  • Monthly Webinars
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Premium - Automated


per month

  • Dedicated Account Consultant
  • One-on-one Strategy Sessions
  • Fully Managed Facebook ads
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Custom Intents
  • Custom CaiT Sub-domain
  • Technical Phone Support
May 2019

Basic - Expert


makes your website an expert

  • No credit card required
  • The Educator account will always be free and a credit card is not required to signup for this account

  • CaiT Bot on your Site
  • You will be provided a small piece of code that you put on your website in order to display the embedded version of CaiT on your web pages

  • Control Panel Access
  • From the control panel you can manage your basic contact info and view stats on the number of conversations that were conducted on your site

  • Conversation Notifications
  • You will be sent an email when a conversation has been started on your website

  • Business Card Template
  • You will have access to a standard CaiT promo business card template that you can have printed as the back of your existing business card

  • Automatic CaiT Updates
  • CaiT will be constantly be updated automatically with new information and capabilities

  • Ticket Support
  • Ticket-based email support with a 2 business day response time

  • Monthly Webinars
  • Access to monthly training webinars

Coming Soon

Custom Solutions

  • Dedicated Account Team
  • You will have dedicated account team that will help you in areas of strategy, technology and general inquires

  • One-on-one Strategy Sessions
  • Monthly sessions with your consultant to review best practices in regards to promoting CaiT

  • Fully Managed FB ads
  • Our team will manage your Facebook ads to help you get the best ROI possible

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced detailed reporting in regards to what your users are looking for when they land at your website

  • Interactive Application Page
  • Custom URL webpage where you can direct users to fill out an application with CaiT

  • Custom Intents
  • Custom intents allows you to add your own personal questions and answers based on what you anticipate your users will ask

  • Custom CaiT Sub-domain
  • Your own CaiT sub-domain for easy reference to your dedicated landing page

  • Technical Phone Support
  • Regular office hours for technical phone support

Coming Soon

Natural conversations using Artificial Intelligence

CaiT has been built to interpret conversational language in order to provide users a natural, humanistic reponse with every interaction.

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About CaiT

CaiT is not a form or a series of buttons that users click on. CaiT is truly a conversationalist, meaning your site visitors can ask CaiT anything about mortgages! Placing CaiT on your website immediately makes your site interactive and fun! 

But CaiT is also productive. The goal is simple; to grow the amount of visitors coming to your site, to qualify those visitors once they are there, and finally to convert those visitors to referrals when the time is right!

CaiT comes pre-trained to know everything about mortgages. This industry-leading bot has the expertise to educate, qualify and refer your site visitors to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that unlike other bots, you don't have to spend your time creating content and hiring a developer. CaiT works for you right out of the box!

CaiT is also constantly being updated, staying current with the mortgage rates, lender products and legislative changes. This means that you also don't ever have to worry about updating or changing anything. 

CaiT uses Google powered machine learning technology to understand what your users are saying so a proper response can be formulated.

This industry-leading AI uses natural language models so that CaiT is constantly getting smarted with each conversation. 

CaiT is backed by Google technology and all data is maintained in a secure environment. 

CaiT's mortgage-related content has also been certified by the Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada or REMIC. REMIC is the leading mortgage  education licensing provider in Ontario, Canada.


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